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United Arab Emirates

UAE tourist Memo

"Before you go on a trip, you should familiarize yourself with the features of the country. We suggest you carefully review the material and try to stick to it. In this article you will find the phone number of our hot line, where you will get an answer for all your questions."

Before departure to UAE

Flight "Your City" - Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, is made under the terms of the ticket issued to you, which indicated the flight number, airline timetables aircraft. Check-in starts 3 hours before departure and closes 40 minutes before departure time. border control staff need to submit a copy of the visa obtained from the travel agency. We also recommend to put all the documents received from the travel agency in an easily accessible place, and produce on demand.

Entry in the UAE

At the airport of the United Arab Emirates you undergo retinal scan, this procedure is painless and implemented for biometric security. With a copy of the visa obtained from the travel agency you go through passport control. A copy of the visa you need to save before departure from the UAE. After passport control you will be able to go to the conveyor and pick up your luggage. At the exit of the airport building, you will meet a representative of the company RUSTAR TOURISM distinguish employee of RUSTAR TOURISM easy by the green uniform. More details about the staff meets in a special read page of the site RUSTAR TOURISM (http://www.rustartourism.com/en/about/drivers.html).

Customs controls in the UAE

As in many other countries, in the UAE there is a restriction on the importation of alcoholic beverages and cigarettes. One person is allowed quota of 400 cigarettes (or 400 cigars, tobacco or 2 kg) and 2 L distilled spirits, and 2 liters of soft drinks. Forbidden to import weapons, all kinds of drugs, ivory, video and printed matter with erotic content. Any video, DVD media, and literary publications are confiscated by the customs services for viewing on the presence of inappropriate content for Muslims. Such violations are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, and punishable by up to imprisonment. Birds of prey are not allowed to be imported without a special permit. On your own pets need to prepare at home country all veterinary certificate of vaccination and health status. Keep in mind that not every owner, providing you a place of residence, permits to keep animals indoors. Import and export of currency is unlimited, except the currency UAE Dirham.

Alcohol in the UAE

Alcoholic drinks and beer are sold only in restaurants, bars, discos and nightclubs Hotel category 4 - 5 stars. In similar facilities that do not belong to hotels, alcoholic beverages, as a rule, prohibited. Drink alcohol-containing beverages is permitted only in bars, restaurants or hotel room. Drinking alcoholic beverages in public places, driving under the influence will inevitably entail criminal liability. The emirates of Sharjah and Fujairah, where there is a prohibition, in particular the rules are strict. Even the appearance of the street in a state of extreme intoxication by alcohol can result in criminal liability. The appearance of the hotel is in a state of intoxication or indecent behavior, it can badly affect your holiday in UAE. Our advice, Drinking - observe the measure!

The responsibility for offenses in the UAE

For profanity and threats (even verbal) you risk to be held in the United Arab Emirates to 7 years prison for insulting women - a large fine. Penalty thrown out of the window of the car trash paid from 3000 AED. The same will be thrown by an urn or paper wrapper. UAE police often resorted to the method of provocation of narcotics fans: in a nightclub or bar in the agent can offer to try drugs. For this you can get from 2 to 5 years in prison. Violation of UAE legislation leads to severe punishment according to local regulations (most fined, imprisoned with further deportation from the UAE on account of the prisoner and entering data into the computer, and possible blacklist entry in the UAE).

Clothing in United Arab Emirates

Tourists, visited the UAE beaches should show attention to their appearance and behavior in a public place - Do not swim without swimwear or without a part. It is also not permissible to transgress their actions morals of a Muslim state. The girls should be particularly attentive to their actions do not cause a violation of local legislation, which may entail the most serious consequences - up to the arrest, imprisonment and deportation. In accordance with the laws of Sharjah on women should be clothes, covering arms, neck and knees. The Emirate of Sharjah is forbidden for women to be on the same beaches in bathing suits.

Behavior in the UAE

According to local rules of decency it is prohibited to stick to the strange woman, mock her, to make indecent signs with hands. A woman is entitled to apply to the police, and then - a fine and deportation. It is also forbidden to photograph government buildings, military installations, villas for deaf fences. Not acceptable photographing local Arab women. If you have a desire to take pictures of local people, according to the norms of the Arab etiquette, first ask permission from them. The UAE should not go to the mosque out of idle curiosity. To do this, you can visit any mosque specially designed for tourists.

Money in the UAE

Calculations profitable to produce in dirham (AED) - it will be much cheaper. For the currency exchange you can use currency exchange offices - Money Exchange. Do not change money from private individuals! Remember that the exchange rate in hotels is always underestimated, so if you forget to change currency, make the exchange at the hotel only the amount that you need at the moment. Most shopping centers, large supermarkets, areas with large concentrations of shops can be found exchangers. Large amounts of cash, important documents, precious jewelry, if they are not needed, it is best stored in a hotel safe in your room. If there is no safe in the room, you can open a personal safe (Safe Deposit Box) at the reception (Reception) and use it at any time. Take precautions not to lose the key to the safe. Remember that for the loss of a key number or safe some hotels put up a fine of between $ 50 to $ 500!

Transport in UAE

The UAE has a very well developed network of public urban transport, demand Map urban transport routes (if available) in the hotel you can easily reach any place in Dubai by bus, subway or water transport. Guests of some hotel can use shuttle service, a hotel bus transports tourists in the central part of the city of Dubai Deira, Bur Dubai for shopping or on a public beach, if the hotel is not beachfront. Bus schedule and price is necessary to specify in advance at the reception desk in the hotel. Be sure to pick up at the reception of the hotel business card, then if you missed the bus, you can catch a taxi and show the card to the driver, he orient and takes you where you want easily. While in Dubai - it is cheaper to use a city taxi services, it is sand-colored. In this case, you will pay over the counter. Remember that the taxi at the hotel attendants always take a bit more expensive, in order to save, you can take a passing taxi.

Shopping in UAE

Making a purchase, it is better if you negotiate with the seller, even if they already offers you a discount. Exceptions to the rule is the flagship stores and boutiques where prices are fixed. You can also bargain when buying gold and jewelry. Buying electronic products, demand to perform testing products. Also need the warranty card, and if not - it is better to refrain from buying.

Sea and pools in UAE

We draw your attention to the basic rules of personal safety. Do not stay long in the sun when you visit the beach or the pool in the first few days of rest. To begin with let your skin get used to the solar activity would be sufficient, and 15 - 20 minutes. We recommend to bring a hat and use a protective cream before and after swimming for 12 or more units. This will protect you from sunburn. On the bright sun tan can be even in the water. If it happened, and you still burned, but do not want to give up swimming, you can swim directly into the T-shirt, but only in the sea. strictly forbidden to swim in street clothes in the swimming poll. Information for tourists in the timetable of the cities beaches, "Jumeirah Beach Park", "Al Mamzar Park" - there is only a "womens days", they are open to women with children. Even in these days sunbathing is prohibited for women without a swimsuit. These days, men are not allowed on the beach. Timings of this beaches check in advance at the reception desk in the hotel.

Background information on UAE

  • Time: UTC + 04: 00 or GST transition to winter / summer time is not performed.
  • Weekends: Friday, however, private organizations can not operate on Friday and Saturday.
  • Money: Dirham (AED), fils (1 Dirham = 100 fils).
  • Rate: USD 1 = DHS 3.65 - rate changes slightly.
  • Police - 999 Ambulance - 998 Fire - 997
  • Hotline RUSTAR TOURISM: +971 50 508 71 20, +971 56 653 97 60

The language of communication

English / Arabic But in most hotels, shops and restaurants - the staff speaks different languages, including Russian.

Arab etiquette standards for communicating with the locals

  • Upon entering the house you need to take off your shoes.
  • Be sure to praise the food and coffee when they are offered, and always try at least a little. This is a manifestation of Arab hospitality, the failure may cause offense.
  • Welcoming and saying goodbye, shake hands with.
  • It is accepted to stand up, if someone (other than servants) enters the room.
  • It is impossible to offer for a Muslims: alcohol drinks and food from the pork, including bacon.
  • In the East, it is a tacit rule of thumb. Money, goods etc. are passed only with your right hand. This elementary tradition.
  • It is not accepted to eat on the move or standing in the Muslim countries, to face a person eating and also drinking cold water after a fatty food. Usually bread is breaking with hands.

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